Migrating South: Chiapas, Guatemala and Colombia

Three factors are driving the planning for my next trip. I have some time off from work in December/January. There’s a particularly intriguing early January festival in a town in southern Colombia that I’m determined to see. I want a do-over.

Thirty years after not getting off the plane to see Palenque – those immense Mayan ruins in the jungles of Chiapas in southern Mexico – I want to finally rectify an impromptu decision that has since defined all my successive travelling. Plane tickets bought for December 8th, my research for inexpensive lodging was proving inexplicably futile until I noticed an internet link that explained everything:

Rainbow Family

“The 2012 International Rainbow Gathering will be held in Palenque, Mexico at the Mayan ruins for the entire month of December. There will be Amazonian waterfalls, wild fruit trees, Mayan elders, and probably many other nomads alienated from the rainbow gathering that have migrated there out of curiosity of this prophesied phenomenon which will probably be the most epic gathering in the history of old.”

????????. I’m a migrating, alienated nomad? No turning back now. You don’t undo a do-over.