I am, during certain times of the year….peregrine. I’m convinced it began when I was young with the monthly mailbox arrival of N19387_10155974823760131_1767096555341300574_n(1)ational Geographic magazine that allowed me to travel virtually (before virtual anything was invented). While my friends  had posters of the Beatles in their bedrooms, I had maps on my walls. Jane Goodall was my heroine. So was Margaret Mead and Richard and Mary Leakey. Also Gertrude Blom. I took anthropology classes in college, but followed a more “traditional” career from which I recently retired…at least part time. My inner Jane Goodall satisfied herself by traveling whenever time and finances allowed. I’ve traveled a lot – much of it to off-beat locales all over the world.  I’m also a single parent and have been for the duration of my son’s 27 years. I’ve traveled with him since he was two years old – years of mother and son travelling that has evolved considerably as he became a peregrine adult with his own solo adventures that I enjoy via his Facebook postings. We still occasionally travel jointly.
I journal while travelling and have recently taken up travel sketching. My home office houses stacks of notebooks, sketchbooks, empty books and black books that attempted to capture the best of those trips. My friends and colleagues regularly tell me that I’m “brave” or “adventurous” and that I should share my travel stories and travel tips more broadly. How do I decide where to go? How do I travel inexpensively? Do I get bored or scared when traveling solo?
Let’s see if I can answer those questions  and if not, feel free to ask as you travel with me virtually.

4 thoughts on “About”

    1. Art materials can take up valuable space in your luggage and whatever you carry around for the day while traveling. I don’t like setting out for a day of wandering with a heavy load of art supplies. Usually I pack a small pouch of about 20 watercolor pencils, a couple of black Prismacolor 005 pens, a white pigment ink pen and an 8×8 inch coldpress watercolor sketchbook. I have found myself wanting more colors and then I look for an art supply store which is always fun. In my supplies I have colored pencils and pens I bought in Madrid and Ronda in Spain, a medina in Marrakesh, Zimbabwe and the art store in Paris where Picasso shopped. They make me smile everytime I use them.

  1. Hi Ann, nice to meet you. Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey. And don’t be a stranger – come on over and join the conversation.
    Cheers, and happy travels

    1. Hi Alison and Don…

      I’m loving your blog. I follow several and yours is a favorite. It’s well written….you are both gifted writers….and I appreciate the nomadic viewpoint of “encore life” travelers. I’m heading to India in February and have an unencumbered week there. I’m interested in your experience at the ashram.



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